>>The Co-op, wollaton, nottingham

Even three out of stocks failed to dispel our shopper’s view that the Co-op in Wollaton was, in fact, a well stocked store.

And her faith was reinforced by a member of staff who assured her that the missing items were due as part of the next delivery later that evening.

The store appeared to be fully signed up to the notion of corporate social responsibility, arranging to deliver the shopping for the considerable number of elderly people doing a large shop instore. The layout was easy to navigate and the store was uncluttered, except for a garden furniture display beside some freezer units. Only six of the 10 checkouts were open, with two or three people queuing at each, so our shopper had a five minute wait at the checkout.

The store’s promotions on The Grocer 33 items included a two for £3 on quiche, Hula Hoops two for £1.49 and a bogof on Super Noodles.