Bacardi-Martini has given the thumbs up to its latest new premium packaged spirit, Spirito, following an extensive test in Sainsbury.
The launch of the Martini-based pair of products was revealed in The Grocer at the end of last year (November 17, p60).
It has been on sale exclusively in the multiple since then and is now being presented to the rest of the trade.
There are no immediate plans to advertise the brand but an instore promotional campaign will be phased in as Spirito wins listings. It is expected to be available on most retailers' shelves from the beginning of next month.
Senior trade marketing manager Jane Callard said: "Our research indicated there was a gap in the market for a prestigious, drier tasting PPS aimed primarily at consumers over 25 years old.
"The parent brand gives it an excellent heritage and it is designed to appeal to existing as well as new Martini drinkers who are looking for an alternative to long mixed drinks, or the sweeter premium packaged spirits, when drinking at home."
Spirito is a mix of vermouth, vodka, wine, fruit juice and sparkling water and will retail at £1.49 in two flavours.
comes in two flavours. Extra Dry is mixed with cranberry and Rosso has the addition of peach.
At the beginning of the test the brand contained 5.4% alcohol but following the Chancellor's tax increase in the April budget, it has been reduced to 5.1%.
The cut is in line with a similar one made on Bacardi Breezer to reduce the impact of the price hike.
Spirito's 275ml bottles