"This is the first time I have been to this depot. We usually go to the Booker depot at Basingstoke, but this depot is easy to get to, easy to park at, and it is near the WH Smith News depot we wanted to visit so we thought we would come here and try it out. The depot is nicely laid out, light and airy."

Amardeep Singh Ubbi, Parade Stores, Woodley, Reading
"The new depot is nicer than the old one, but they discontinued some lines I used to buy when they moved. They are running some good deals on beer today so I've bought 10 cases of Fosters and 10 cases of Budweiser and with hot weather they should fly off the shelf."

Jagjit Singh Sidhu, Junction News, Reading
"On average I would probably shop here two or three times a week. I've been a Booker customer for about 30 years so I went to the old depot a lot. The new depot looks much better than before and it has everything that I need."

Rajaratnam Prabaharan, Twins New Mart, Reading
"They discontinued some lines which my customers like when they moved, so I brought it up with the management and they are bringing some of them back. I come here about two to three times a week and I find the promotions particularly good."