With its origins in the fashionable European city of Milan, it's no wonder the glamorous Peck has managed to stand out as a popular luxury delicatessen in Italy on a par with London's Harrods.

The company, which began in 1883, has reportedly styled itself as 'the temple of Italian gastronomy', with an impressive 35,500 sq ft flagship store marking its place in food history.

Founder Francesco Peck set up the Milan store in 1883 and sold it 25 years later. The current owners are the four Stoppani brothers, who bought it in 1970.

The nearby restaurant, which came about when renowned local chef Carlo Cracco joined forces with the gourmet store, is based in the impressive historic building where the original Peck deli began.

The retail arm of Peck continues its age-old tradition in specialising in Italian products such as oils, prosciutto and Parmesan cheese, but it also sells a range of other luxury goods.

The combination of both a gourmet delicatessen and a high-end restaurant caught the eyes of our judges, who praise Peck for its "highly professional management of gourmet store and speciality restaurant".

The retailer also warrants a mention for its "highly trained employees, top quality range of products, perfect customer service and very attractively packaged goods".

In the main store's wine cellar, bottles - more than 5,000 of them - are displayed on the cherrywood shelves as if it is a museum.

The store also offers a café, wine bar and tearoom with an array of cakes and a selection of specialist teas and coffees.

Location: Milan

Established: 1883

No. of stores: 1 plus 15 concessions

Fact: The founder was a ham-seller from Prague