Schools are claiming less equipment through Tesco’s Computers for School promotions that they did six years ago, according to an analysis by The Guardian.

The amount of schools collecting the vouchers has risen to over 24,000 in the last few years but while schools claimed £10.5m of equipment in 1999, they claimed only £7m worth in 2002 and 2003.

Tesco is launching this year’s Computers for Schools scheme in its stores today. The programme offers one voucher for every £10 spent over a 10-week period, which shoppers can then donate to schools to be redeemed against a range of products.

The retailer is likely to face criticism that although its sales have increased, the value of the equipment generated for schools has not risen to match this even though the retailer states that the scheme is as popular as ever, according to reports.

The retailer is reported to have said that schools needed to collect no more vouchers to obtain a product this year than they did for the equivalent product last year of the year before.