Tesco has revamped its mobile phone business and is rolling out a marketing drive to draw in customers. 

The company has overhauled its tariffs and developed a new brand image to stand out from rival operators, with a cyan blue colour scheme reflecting its parent brands, Tesco and O2.

The retailer said the bold new look clearly signalled Tesco Mobile’s credibility as a network operator.

Tesco Mobile has also replaced its four tariffs with a single pay-as-you-go version to keep the network simple and easy to use. Calls cost 20p a minute and texts are 10p. 

The network operator said 80% of its customers’ calls were made to five numbers, so the new tariff now offers half-price calls and texts to five friends.

Customers who top up by £15 or more in a month can also benefit from 500 free texts or 150 free minutes.

The network operator was established in 2003 and uses telecoms specialist O2 to deliver its service.