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    The Dairymen 2013 (digital supplement)

    This year’s Dairymen is full of terrific examples of creative, intelligent and fun NPD, from new approaches to cooking with cheese to the new generation of fruit-based milk drinks…

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    The Dairymen 2012 (digital supplement)

    There’s revolution in the air in the dairy industry. The recent farmer protests managed to propel dairy to the top of the news agenda for much of the summer, prompting price concessions from the processors and higher premiums from the country’s leading retailers…

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    The Grocer Digital Edition

    With the digital copy you can take an early peek at The Grocer on Friday afternoon, a day before anyone else! You can view, review and search through The Grocer magazine online – exactly as if you were holding a copy in your hands. So no more panic if you lose your copy of the magazine or leave it on the train on the way home. There’s just one condition - you must have a current valid membership package to (and be logged in) to view it. 

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    Nestlé offers 1% rise to stop strike plans


    Nestlé has backed down on its basic pay freeze by ­offering a 1% rise to ­employees considering strike action. 

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    Hovis crowned in The Grocer’s Top Products 2009


    Hovis stormed into pole position in The Grocer’s 2009 Top Products Survey chart, with the biggest growth in value of all the products across 76 key categories.

  • Top Products Survey 2009
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    Top Products Survey 2009


    With the recession weighing down on the industry, only the fittest can bear the strain. But deep discounts and trusted brands mean grocery is muscling on.The outlook for this year was pretty bleak. If the global economic meltdown didn’t leave you without savings, a pension or a job, then swine ...

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    The Grocer review of the decade: the Noughties in a nutshell


    The decade began with a game of supermarket musical chairs. Somerfield chief David Simons was the first to go, followed quickly by Sainsbury's Dino Adriano, replaced by Alan Smith and Sir Peter Davis respectively...

  • Focus On Confectionery
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    Focus On Confectionery


    The ‘last’ bag of Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix, sold on Ebay this February, cost a gob-stopping £14,500. But however inflated the price tag for the 800g bag might seem, it was a reminder of the gaping hole in the confectionery market left by the demise of the high street giant ...

  • The Dairymen 2009
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    The Dairymen 2009



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    How alcohol duty hikes hit the Exchequer


    The last alcohol duty increase cost the government more than £25m in tax revenue on wine alone, The Grocer can reveal. And with duty fraud increasing, it can no longer rely on successive above-inflation duty hikes not to impact on sales and jobs...

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    The Grocer's campaign reaches the Commons


    Lib Dem frontbencher Nick Harvey has tabled an Early Day Motion in the Commons supporting The Grocer's new campaign. EDMs are a way for backbench MPs to express support or campaign on certain issues. From this week, all backbench MPs will be...


    The Grocer calls on Chancellor to avert Christmas mayhem


    The “arbitrary” decision to impose a 31 December deadline for the VAT hike and the end of trade credit insurance support threatens to undermine the Christmas trading period, experts have warned – so The Grocer has launched a campaign to fight it.

  • The Power List 2009
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    The Power List 2009


    It's war. The recession has upped the stakes in the battle for the hearts and pounds of shoppers and only the canniest generals are enjoying the taste of victory.

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    ACS asks retailers to name the three issues that matter most


    The Association of Convenience Stores has launched a 10-week consultation to find the three issues that most matter to independent retailers. The consultation, called Heart of the Community, is asking independent retailers to select three...

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    M&S going retro for 125th anniversary


    Marks & Spencer is celebrating its 125th birthday with the launch of a raft of retro food and drink products - some of which it hasn't sold for years. Biscuits, tea and jam in limited-edition packaging will hit shelves on Monday alongside...

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    Picture This...Turning the tables on M&S


    Fed up of losing trade to M&S when it ran its Dine In For Two For £10 offer, one wine bar and restaurant owner in Cheltenham has hit back. Andrew Billington of the Montpellier Wine Bar, which has been trading for 32 years, has started to display...

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    Government's credit insurance scheme blasted as 'worthless'


    A major credit insurer has pulled out of the Government's trade credit relief scheme announced in last month's budget. In a letter to policyholders seen by The Grocer, Bob Lilley, MD of broker Credit Indemnity and Financial Services (CIFS),...

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    Lang loyalty scheme offers £10k a year


    Wholesaler CJ Lang has launched a new loyalty scheme that could see its retailers earning up to £10,000 a year per store. The new scheme, Cashpoints, replaces Scotspar, under which Spar retailers in Scotland received rewards totalling £1m...

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    Feel Good offers range for children


    The Feel Good Drinks Company is taking on Innocent and Tropicana with a new range of kids juice drinks. Available in orange, pineapple & banana and blackcurrant, apple & grape, the range comes in 180ml wedge-shaped cartons to appeal to kids....

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    Fanta offers bag for life made of PET


    Coca-Cola has partnered its Fanta brand with British fashion designers Antoni & Alison to launch a bag for life made entirely out of recycled plastic (PET) bottles. The bags, launched into stores on 20 May for National Recycle Week, will be...

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