Tesco and Sainsbury will continue to sell film cameras in-store and online, despite the decision of electrical retailer Dixons to phase them out.
Dixons revealed this week that sales of digital cameras in its stores were outstripping sales of 35mm cameras by 15 to one, so it had therefore decided to phase out its range over the next two months.
Tesco, however, said it would continue to sell 35mm cameras. A spokeswoman said: “Although we sell a lot of digital cameras, film cameras are still popular.” A spokeswoman for Sainsbury said the retailer would also keep 35mm cameras in stock. “We have no plans to change this at the moment,” she added.
However, a spokesman for Asda said it had phased out 35mm cameras 18 months ago “for the same reason as Dixons”. He added: “There has been a huge boom in digital cameras.”
Meanwhile, rental chain Blockbuster has partially blamed cut-price DVDs and videos in supermarkets for its second quarter operating loss of $57.2m.