Asda remains the UK's cheapest supermarket in The Grocer 100 price survey, and it's actually increasing its lead

Asda is the UK's

cheapest supermarket according to the latest Grocer 100 price survey, significantly increasing its lead over arch-rival Tesco since this time last year.

With an average weekly trolley price of £174.10, Asda was 1.2% cheaper than Tesco, which recorded an average trolley price of £176.23, while last year Tesco was snapping at its heels, just 0.7% behind its rival.

The survey confirms that the cost of groceries is considerably higher than a year ago.

The trolley price for The Grocer 100 at Asda was up 2.7% from 2006's £169.46 figure, while Tesco's average trolley price was 3.3% higher than the £170.64 it registered for the previous 12 months.

The Grocer 100 prices correlate with those revealed each week as part of The Grocer 33, in which Asda has picked up the award for the UK's cheapest supermarket for the tenth year in a row (see facing page).

Morrisons was in third place in The Grocer 100 this year, with a trolley price of £179.68. Like Tesco, it too has slipped further behind Asda and is now 3.2% more expensive compared to a gap of just 2.5% last year.

Sainsbury's was next in line with an average price of £181.22, while Somefield and Waitrose were both considerably more expensive with trolley prices of £200.47 and £200.05 respectively.