Themed events have already been a success in other food sectors, and Tesco's support for National Pet Week last month and its pet insurance schemes with a free guide to pet astrology were surefire attractions. But quirky ideas have a way of improving sales uplift in the most unlikely of settings.The chain has already outperformed its rivals in petfood sales, and its latest initiative, the trial of the first ever canine crêche at its Tesco Extra store in Cardiff, is aimed at encouraging further footfall. This novel idea is a joint venture between the multiple and Ralston Purina's Bakers Complete brand, geared to encouraging pet owners to stop and shop while their pets are being fed and watered by trained dog handlers. Most dry dogfood is moistened by a little water to make it more palatable. But Wagg Foods has gone one step further and launched the first ever ready to pour dog gravy. Called Delishus, the company says it can be added to any brand. Food scares have made an indelible impression not least in the petfood sector. As a result, more organic petfood is making an appearance on supermarket shelves. Dutch range Yarrah has already gained footholds in the multiples and now a new addition to Pero's hypoallergenic and gluten free dry dogfood includes fresh organic chicken meat. Supreme Petfoods, which owns the Gerty Guinea Pig, Harry Hamster and Russel Rabbit brands, claims that while the small pet sector is still driven by child ownership, there is now a high percentage of adult ownership because of pet cost and convenience. There are 3.9 million small pets (budgies, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters) in the UK [Pet Food Manufacturers' Association], and while their petfood value doesn't compare with that of catfood and dogfood, a small animal range can add incremental sales. National accounts manager Nick Greenwood says: "It is far better to allocate space to a new pet sector rather than waste it on a sixth flavour of a popular cat or dogfood where the newcomer simply cannibalises sales from the existing range." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}