One of the enduring strengths of Tesco is its ability to adapt to the needs of its customers. Whether it's the clever use of the data in its Clubcards, entrance sensors that monitor shopper levels to ensure there's enough till staff, or more homely feedback mechanisms, Tesco's chameleon-like quality has ensured that it gives its customers what they want. Tesco Finest, green initiatives, ready meals, organic, recycling, online and, of course, cheap are all examples of this.

Accordingly, customer satisfaction levels are consistently higher than rivals, as a new survey confirmed (p16). This 'giving the customers what they ask for' line was understandably trotted out, once again, when it emerged this week that Tesco was selling live turtles in its new Beijing store.

But for once, I'm not convinced. Tesco is an international brand now, with a reputation that can be damaged from all corners of its growing global empire. With more sensitive types in closer kingdoms, if it adapts always to local custom - like those poor little turtles - it might find itself in hot water.