Asda has extended its lead over Tesco in the fight to be the UK's cheapest supermarket for non food items.

The Grocer 33's latest non food report reveals that at £177.62, the cost of Tesco's 33-item shopping basket including clothes is now £2.56 more expensive than Asda's at £175.06.

This is a sizeable change from our last report on 12 August, when Tesco trailed Asda by just 56p.

"Our prices are once again the lowest in the industry and I'm delighted my team is getting recognised for all their hard work in bringing our customers low prices every day of the week," said Asda's newly appointed non food trading director Peter Pritchard.

While price points have fallen across the board, The Grocer 33's sixth quarterly report reveals the cheap electrical kitchenware sector has become the front line for the most serious price cutting action. The price of a two-slice electrical toaster has fallen by £1.04 at Asda and 99p at Tesco since our last report three months ago, and now costs £4.44 at both retailers - 4p less than the cheapest toaster on offer at Argos. And toasters are not the only goods for which consumers can now expect change from a fiver. Steam irons can also be purchased for £4.44 at Tesco and Asda, and £4.47 at Sainsbury's.

Meanwhile, the price of a DVD player has fallen to a new low of £17.84 at both Tesco and Asda.

"Food retailing is not just about food any more," said Richard Hyman, MD of Verdict Research. "It's about selling anything and everything and at the best price points possible. High street retailers are going to have to run a hell of a lot faster if they want to keep up."