Who we visited

Londis Hollyhead Road, Coventry

Jacksons King Edwards Drive, Harrogate

spar Main Street, Torrance, Nr Glasgow

Tesco Express Amersham Road, Buckinghamshire

co-op Little Common Road, Bexhill

How they performed

None of the stores visited this week managed to provide a full basket for our shoppers. The most expensive receipt belonged to Jacksons' small Harrogate store largely due to its higher price of £5.99 for four cans of Stella Artois. Our shopper was unable to collect all ten items as Mars Bars are only sold in a duo format for 52p. The Southern Co-operatives Little Common Road store also failed to provide all ten items on our Top Up List as it was out of stock of bacon rashers. Our shopper had a fairly disappointing experience at this store. The aisles were clogged with boxes and members of staff restacking shelves, and she was not given any help packing her goods. However, she did spot two deals, on Stella Artois and Tetley tea bags. Prices collected at this week's Tesco Express in Buckinghamshire were slightly more elevated than those found in the Northampton-based store visited last week. The cheapest branded loaf on display in this week's store was Kingsmill for 88p, compared with Nimble at 67p last week. This store does not sell a six-rasher pack of bacon, only eight rashers for £1.84. Spar's Torrance store does not stock Stella Artois in 440ml cans, and only sells spreadable tubs of butter rather than the block required by our list. The store was running a '50% extra free' promotion on Tetley Tea bags, and all branded white loaves were priced at 95p. Our shopper was seriously impressed by the store's layout and presentation, and added that levels of customer service were particularly high. Staff on the shop floor were helpful and polite and he had his bag packed by a friendly assistant.

Londis' Coventry store only sells Stella in a six pack, and stocks Felix catfood in place of Whiskas.