Who we visited

londis Harrogate, North Yorkshire

one stop Leatherhead, Surrey

Scotmid East Calder, West Lothian

SPAR Cheadle, Greater Manchester

TESCO express Chippenham, Wiltshire

How they performed

Providing the cheapest full basket this week is the One Stop store on Kingston Road, Leatherhead. The shop offered the cheapest bacon and a white loaf for a bargain price of 50p. A couple of aisles were cluttered with packing trolleys but the store was clean and tidy. The checkout assistant did not say hello or goodbye to our shopper but at least offered to pack her bags.

The industrious staff at Scotmid's East Calder branch were enthusiastically replenishing stock when our shopper visited. The assistant packed our shopper's bags without being asked. Despite boasting the cheapest tea bags, at £1.30, Scotmid's milk was the highest-priced in the survey.

Londis on Harrogate's Skipton Road was described as being well looked after and sufficiently stocked. Its £12.11 basket contained the most expensive bread - Warburtons at £1.07. Special offers were dotted around the store and they were prominently displayed. Although staff were stacking shelves, they swiftly moved out of our shopper's way as she explored the aisles.

Spar in Cheadle, Stockport, had a £10.43 basket. It was well merchandised, although some of the products were not pushed to the front of the shelf making them look untidy. Only 8-rasher packs of bacon were sold and the butter was the most expensive in the survey.

The constantly busy Tesco Express in Hathaway retail park, Chippenham, offered a £10.94 basket but did not sell the 6-pack of unsmoked bacon. The aisles were clear and clean and the beans, Coca-Cola and Mars bar were the cheapest in the survey.