Who we visited

budgens Teddington, Middlesex

co-operative late shop Aston-cum-Aughton, South Yorkshire

co-op welcome Banchory, Aberdeenshire

felpham bazaar Felpham, West Sussex

tesco express Chessington, Surrey

How they performed

It was a cramped scene at the Budgens on Teddington High Street in Middlesex with a line of unopened boxes containing stock lying along the aisles. From what our shopper could see of the floor, it was not especially clean, although the staff were polite.

The Co-operative Late Shop on Worksop Road in Aston-cum-Aughton near Sheffield looked rather dated and in need of a refurb. The blue and white tiled floor was faded and worn, and the narrow aisles made it difficult for shoppers to walk past each other. The shelves were well stocked but the checkout operator was sullen and forgot to give our shopper her receipt.

The Co-op Welcome on Banchory High Street is being renovated in a few months time, and not before time according to our shopper. It was too small for the large amount of stock it contained and it was awkward to locate items. Queues for the in-store post office meant shoppers had to squeeze along the narrow aisles, but staff were welcoming and chatty.

Loose sticks of rhubarb littered the floor of the Felpham Bazaar in Felpham near Bognor Regis but although the store was cluttered, it was clean. The whole shop was manned by just one assistant who was very enthusiastic and helpful. The nearby Butlins holiday camp meant the store was popular with tourists.

The most presentable convenience store this week was the Tesco Express in Chessington, Surrey. It was clean and tidy with clear aisles and a logical layout. Staff were checking the shelves and cleaning the fixtures and our shopper found all of the items without difficulty. There were plenty of special offers around the store and the checkout operator was chirpy and efficient.