Who we visited

Sainsbury's Local Birmingham, West Midlands

Co-op Crieff, Perthshire

Nisa Stockport, Greater Manchester

Tesco express Amersham, Bucks

Budgens Trowbridge, Wiltshire

How they performed

Budgens provided everything on our shopper's list and ran a number of promotions, including 100% extra free on 250g packs of Tetley tea bags and 2-for-£1.50 on branded butter blocks. Our shopper said the store was clean and well-merchandised with helpful staff. The checkout assistant greeted our shopper but no help was offered with packing her bags.

The Co-operative Group's store did not sell 6-packs of unsmoked bacon but instead offered 8-packs or more. Our shopper said it was untidy and that shelf-stackers were blocking the aisles. However, she said the store was well-merchandised, so she had no problems finding items on her list. She said staff did not greet her as she paid for her items and no help was offered with packing her bags.

Tesco Express did not stock 6-packs of unsmoked bacon and did not have any 4-pints of semi-skimmed milk in stock. Our shopper said the store was clean and tidy with well-presented shelf displays. She said there were no shelf-stackers or packing trolleys in the aisles, meaning she could move around unhindered. Staff were polite and helpful and our shopper noted a 2-for-£2 deal on 2-litre bottles of Coca-Cola.

Our Nisa shopper was impressed with his successful trip. Not only did he manage to get a full basket but the store was clean and tidy with attractive displays. The aisles were clear of shopping trolleys and staff were polite at the checkout.

Sainsbury's Local impressed our shopper with a clean store and attractive displays. Staff were helpful and the checkout assistant packed her bags automatically.