Although Morrisons remains at the top of the retailer chart Asda has rapidly closed the gap between them and comes in just two percentage points behind at number two.
Buy one get one free offers and other multibuy promotions appear to dominate in Morrisons while price promotions take a stronger line in Asda.
Competition across the whole chart is closer than in recent weeks with seven percentage points between positions one and six. Tesco moves up two places to number three, forcing both Safeway and Sainsbury down by one position.
In the category chart, cakes and biscuits comes in as a new entry at the top of the chart with Foxes, Burton's and McVitie's all appearing in store.
Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks continue in the same positions as last week, although less than one percentage point separates them. Household is the second new entry in the chart, at number five, and is supported by the promotions on Persil.
Cadbury moves up to take the top spot in the brand chart closely followed by Walkers at number two.
Cadbury's position is strengthened by promotions aimed at Easter. Walkers takes advantage of its prominence in store due to Comic Relief and backs up its Baked Bean Crisps with a variety of other promotions.
The chart is dominated by new entries of which there are six.
They include Persil, Kellogg's, Fanta and Coca-Cola.
In the own label category chart frozen continues at number one while the remainder of the chart is taken by new entries, including household and world cuisine.