>>small, select range at somerfield… Tesco trying to meet growing demand

category buyer, Somerfield
I try to stock convenience foods that will appeal to more than just vegetarians - recognisable products rather than anything weird and wonderful.
As it’s a small fixture, it’s a small range. So I’m trying to keep refreshing it to make sure people don’t see the same products week after week. That seems to be working well.
We have a core range of four products - Quorn mince, Quorn cottage pie, Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages and Cauldron tofu - then we juggle the rest to keep it interesting. This summer we will be including Quorn Mexican quarterpounders and Cauldron cherry tomato and basil sausages.
We’ve got some interesting launches coming up. We’re launching Quorn vegetable lasagne, and another line that I like very much: Quorn fajita strips. It will be interesting to see if customers like them.
product development manager, Tesco
Vegetarian is a key area of growth in ready meals. We’ve experienced very positive like-for-like sales. Brands such as Quorn and Cauldron have raised the profile of these products and we feel it’s important to meet the growing demand.
Demand is not coming just from vegetarians. In the current climate, when healthy eating is at the forefront of a lot of customers’ minds, many are choosing to buy vegetarian as a healthier option.
We will be focusing attention on the fact that these products tend to be lower in fat, for example, than the standard meat product, and we’ll continue to ensure that vegetarian options are healthier than the meat equivalents.
We haven’t seen any particular demand for vegan products. The real demand seems to be for vegetarian products and accompaniments, rather than a more specialist vegan product.
Alison Quinton
Katherine Tew,