Waitrose employees are being invited to contribute to a research project designed to identify how people make positive life changes. The supermarket is just one organisation being canvassed by Graham Price, postgraduate student at Birkbeck College's School of Psychology. The college has promised to share the results of the research with Waitrose if staff participate and it is hoped the conclusions can be used to enhance personnel training. Maureen McHugh, manager of the Learning Centre at John Lewis Central offices in Victoria, said: "That's the hope ­ that this will indicate how we can best help partners in their future development. The project investigates how people are dealing with change and we will be able to pass the results back to our partners through training. We're keen on partners undergoing personal as well as work-related development," she explained. Price said: "There's been research in the States into how happy, successful people and unhappy, unsuccessful people think. But there's not a lot of knowledge about how people make the transition from an unproductive to a productive way of thinking. We want to find out." Price said he planned to feed results back to participating organisations within four months. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}