Waitrose has launched a new pricing structure for its broadband facility at its online arm, Waitrose.com.

Its broadband service was launched in June last year and Waitrose became the first UK supermarket to provide broadband.

It is also the only broadband ISP to donate all proceeds to charity, with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross, Macmillan Cancer Relief, British Heart Foundation and The Prince’s Trust.

Peter Burns, Internet marketing manager for Waitrose.com, said: “We aim to offer a real alternative to those choosing broadband Internet access. With 53% of UK adults now able to access the Internet at home, of which 25% are now using broadband, broadband gives them the speed to make their lives online faster and more convenient.”

The service will now be offered at £18.99 per month for 256k, £23.99 for 512k and £29.99 for 1MB.