A Waitrose advert starring Heston Blumenthal and some “happy pigs” in Norfolk has been banned for misleading consumers over the living conditions for the animals reared on its farms.

The Advertising Standards Authority upheld viewers’ complaints that the term “outdoor bred”, used in the advert, misleadingly suggested the pigs spent the majority of their lives outdoors.

In the advert, Blumenthal was seen discussing with farmer Phil Ellis the living conditions of breeding sows, rather than pigs used to produce pork directly.

“In my opinion, some of the best tasting pork comes from British pigs that have been outdoor bred, just like these porkers from Norfolk,” Blumenthal said. “What is it about outdoor bred pigs that makes the meat taste so good?”

In another advert, Blumenthal said: “Waitrose Essential pork comes from pigs that are outdoor bred. Happy pigs do make for great tasting pork."

Waitrose argued that the term “outdoor bred” was commonly understood but the complaint was upheld and the advert banned.

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