Moira Howie, Waitrose nutrition manager

Moira Howie’s working week is about to get busier now that the Food Standards Agency has revealed its intention to push ahead with the controversial traffic light signposting scheme.

The Waitrose nutrition manager will be involved in compiling the supermarket’s full response to the proposals and Howie says that the scheme will create waves in her job.

“The multiple traffic light proposals create a significant impact for any nutritionist in the industry, particularly if they are to be displayed on front of pack,” she says.

Howie’s current working week is taken up with her overall responsibilities for the diet and health of Waitrose own label products, but she says that her job can be broken down into three sections.

“I spend quite a lot of my time developing and implementing the company’s policy on nutrition.I also work with buyers, technologists and
suppliers to optimise the nutritional profile of our own label products and I oversee a nutritional advice service for customers and our own staff.

“We recently relaunched the direct phone line that connects through to a nutritionist, which we hope to run all the time.”

As well as labelling, the Food Standards Agency is also keeping her busy on salt, sugar and fat content.

“The FSA has just finished a second consultation on salt reduction,” says Howie.

“The original targets for the food industry
small changes can make a big impact on the nation’s diet