1. Haribo Gums & Jellies

Haribo Halloween trio 2022

▲ £22.5m (+16.7%) 

Haribo maintained its leadership, growing 16.7% to £156.9m – well ahead of the 6.1% category growth.


2. Maynards Bassetts

Maynards Bassetts Juicies

▼ £2.4m (–2.4%)

The only brand in decline is second-placed Maynards Bassetts, whose value fell 2.4% to £100.7m. Jones attributes this to the brand “losing its visibility” amid NPD elsewhere in the aisle.


3. Rowntrees

Rowntrees fruit pastilles

▲ £4.1m (+5.0%) 

In contrast to chocolate, the top fruity confectionery brands are mostly in growth this year, according to NielsenIQ’s data. This differs from Kantar’s less positive read, as it includes on-the-go sales.


4. Skittles

Skittles Squishy Cloudz

▲ £6.5m (+14.2%) 

“The category is attracting new shoppers, and will likely continue doing so during the cost of living crisis,” says NielsenIQ analyst Polina Jones, as sweets are cheaper than chocolate.


5. Drumstick

Drumstick Squashies Minions Bag Visual £1

▲ £1.5m (+3.5%) 


6. Fruittella


▲ £3.8m (+18.1%) 

Fruittella saw the fastest relative growth at 18.1% to £24.5m, leapfrogging Maoam (£24.1m) to be the sixth-largest brand.


7. Maoam

Maoam 40046601 Stripes 140g white bg

▲ £2.6m (+12.0%)

Fruity confectionery’s affordable price also appears to be protecting brands from downtrading to own label. “In some retailers, such as M&S, own label will continue to dominate, but we are not expecting any seismic shifts,” says Jones.


8. Starburst

Starburst Minis

▲ £0.1m (+0.3%) 


9. Werthers Original

Wethers Creamy

▲ £0.2m (+1.0%)

The big threat is HFSS rules, which will have a disparate impact on brands. HFSS lines will need “effective promo strategies”, says Jones.


10. Barratt

BARR377 Barratt Flumps Sugar Free 70g

▲ £1.3m (+9.5%) 


Source: NielsenIQ 52 w/e 9 July 2022