Super-indulgent stick and tub formats might be ones to watch in the ice cream aisle in 2013, but so is super-healthy frozen yoghurt.

“The frozen yoghurt category has seen healthy year-on-year growth in a rapidly growing industry,” says Rebecca McGuire, MD and founder of Yog frozen yoghurt. “The category is now worth 17% of the UK ice cream market - around £162m. In just six years, we have seen consumer demand increase tenfold.”

Yog was the first frozen yoghurt brand to launch in a UK supermarket in October 2011, and in March 2012 the company entered cinema foyers after signing a major franchise deal with Odeon cinemas. “This marks a noticeable shift in the cinema offering, giving customers something really delicious and healthy at the same time,” says McGuire.

And there’s no shortage of consumers concerned about their health these days. “Health-conscious consumers with good taste are no longer niche - they are quickly becoming the mainstream,” says Ky Wright, co-founder and director of Brighton-based Lick frozen yoghurt, which secured listings with Ocado in January. “Our customers are unlikely to eat the dessert-style ice creams that are high in fat and calories and that contain unnatural ingredients. Where our product is available alongside dessert-style ice creams, we have been outselling them.”

Having acquired the Yoomoo frozen yoghurt brand in January, own-label and branded supplier R&R ice cream is launching four new flavours in Tesco this month - Cherrychocmoo, Verryberrymoo, Vanillamoo and Cherrymoo, supported by a five-week TV ad campaign from April.

“Frozen yoghurt is a really big untapped opportunity when compared with America,” says Charlotte Hambling, senior marketing manager at R&R. “It’s bringing in a younger and more upmarket buyer, which is the holy grail in terms of what the market needs.”