Hotel Chocolat launches series of chocolate tasting events

Hotel Chocolat will host the events in 38 stores

Hotel Chocolat has launched a new series of chocolate tasting events at 38 stores.

The luxury chocolatier kicked off the series of after-hours ‘lock-in’ events on 10 May with a session called Discovering Supermilk.

Each 45-minute event focuses on a different type of chocolate, with up to 10 guests having the opportunity to taste items and learn about their origins and creation, and hear a short introduction about the brand.

Tickets cost £10, which includes a glass of prosecco upon arrival, six chocolates to taste, which could come with a wine pairing, and a mystery envelope. The ticket price will also be reimbursed for customers who make any purchases during the events.

The other events are the Kings and Queens of Pralines (24 May), Well fruited (7 June), and Rare and vintage single cote (21 June).

Hotel Chocolat ran a similar series of events last year, which doubled profits alongside its steps to cater to more health-conscious consumers. The retailer saw pre-tax profits rise 100% to £11.2m in the year to July 2017, while its revenue rose 12% to £105.2m.

“If you like chocolate, these lock-ins are right up your street,” said Hotel Chocolat Cabot Circus store manager Sophie Wolfendale. “Not only do guests get to taste a sample of our most popular products but they also learn about how we make them, from the cocoa bean in its original state through to how it ends up on our shelves.”

Wolfendale told The Grocer that the store “always receives positive feedback” from guests after the “really popular” lock-ins. “People just love the whole concept of a lock-in and it’s a great way for customers to explore flavours of chocolate they might not usually buy.”