• Growth has been driven almost entirely by an increase in average volume prices - consumers can expect to pay up to 11% more per litre of ice cream than they did a year ago.
  • Premium ice cream remains the biggest sector in the market, out-performing the total market in both value and volume. 
  • ‘Dessert-style’ flavours have become more popular as manufacturers continue to look for ways to attract new shoppers.
  • The chocolate sticks sector has managed to limit price increases, and consequently has attracted 1.3 million more households in the latest year, helping drive 21.7% value growth.
  • Children continue to be an important demographic, though consumption levels have fallen. 
  • The big four represent 70% of the take-home ice cream market, with each retailer seeing year-on-year value growth and volume decline. 

Simon Arnell, analyst, Kantar Worldpanel