Milliways new-look packs

Source: Milliways

The new-look packs are resealable with a ‘pop-to-open’ feature

Milliways has reformulated its plastic-free chewing gum to achieve longer-lasting and more intense flavour across its range.

The improved recipe will roll out across its Peppermint, Mighty Mint, Bubblemint and Watermelon flavours this week, alongside new-look packaging.

Developed in response to customer feedback, the updated “pocket-friendly” design takes cues from the packs Milliways created especially for Pret a Manger.

They are resealable with a ‘pop-to-open’ feature.

Production of the cardboard packs had also been streamlined to reduce waste, said Milliways. Like the previous iteration, they are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

“We constantly speak to consumers to understand what they’re looking for and how we can improve, and we build this into our product development processes,” said Milliways CEO Tom Raviv.

“Launching our improved recipe and new pack design is testament to our continuous efforts and pursuit towards perfection,” he added.

The improved packs were awarded a Gold medal in the ‘Sustainable pack of the year’ category at The Grocer’s New Product & Packaging Awards 2023 earlier this week.

It comes after the sustainable gum challenger secured listings with Tesco and Sainsbury’s Local earlier this year and closed a £3m funding round in July.

Milliways said the investment would help it “turbocharge” its growth in the UK.