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Source: Mondelez

The packaging underscored Mondelez’s commitment to ‘promote healthier snacking’, it said

Mondelez is rolling out “twist and seal” packaging across its Cadbury Duos range in a bid to “promote healthier snacking”.

The packaging uses a “memory technology solution”, meaning the wrapper stayed twisted after “a single twist, preserving fresh flavour, texture and shape”, according to the fmcg giant. 

The innovation meant consumers could “save half for later – or share with family and friends”, it said.

It underscored Mondelez’s commitment to “promote healthier snacking to consumers, with a focus on portion control being recognised as one of the most effective ways of helping people to balance their calorie intake”, it added.

Cadbury brand manager Kelly Lawrence said the business wanted shoppers “to be able to snack in a more mindful way”.

Duos Twist & Seal was “a great option” for consumers who wanted to “indulge in a sweet treat and then easily reseal and save the remainder of the product for later”, Lawrence added.

It comes after Mondelez has spent the past year making a concerted effort to slash calories with portion-controlled packs.

The confectionery giant has introduced a 100-calorie cap on all its products that are commonly bought for children. Last year, it brought all of its Cadbury multipack chocolate bars under a 200-calorie threshold in a move it claimed would remove 10 billion calories from the UK market.

It’s not the only chocolate brand taking this approach: Ritter Sport, too, last summer rolled out its first portion-controlled countline range: each SKU contained two 16.8g bars, offering less than 100 calories per portion.