What's your favourite restaurant? Lainston House outside Winchester has a relaxed, country-house environment.

Do you prefer healthy or junk food? I'm away from home a lot and try to find healthy options, but sometimes fail.

What would you request as your final meal? Shepherd's Pie cooked by my wife, washed down with Champagne and a box of Beech's chocolates.

What's your favourite ­tipple? ­Courage Directors ­Bitter at The Crown in Axford, Basingstoke.

What would you rescue if your house was burning down? My family first, then as many family photos and videos as possible and a painting I ­inherited from my grandmother.

What's your fantasy car... and what do you actually drive? I'd probably choose a Bugatti Veron. I actually drive a BMW 330d M Sport - a ­fantastic car, smooth, powerful and almost practical.

What are you reading? ­­

The Alan Clark Diaries.

What gadgets do you carry? As I'm always on the move, several Kingston Memory Sticks - fabulous for saving work and moving ­between computers.

What's your most ­embarrassing professional ­moment? At a company event in America I tried to lighten up my ­presentation with a ­­home-made joke, which went down like a lead balloon.

What's your motto for life? Work hard, play hard.

What's the best holiday you've ever had? My boys are now at university so my wife and I took two weeks in Thailand recently. We visited Bangkok and Koh Samui. Such a contrast but a fabulous holiday.

Do you prefer rugby, football or cricket? My eldest son has captained Basingstoke and Salford University rugby clubs, so I am a confirmed rugby fan.

What are your pet hates? People who don't like chocolates, especially Beech's.