Key trends in the consumption of cabbage in the home

- Cabbage was consumed on 826 million occasions last year - up by only 0.8% year-on-year
- Cabbage accounts for 7.6% of all vegetable consumption
- Adults aged 45+ consume 57% of all cabbage
- A third of cabbage consumption occurs on a Sunday

Young women are taking to cabbage, a healthy option

Adults aged 45+ are the key consumers of cabbage, accounting for 57% of consumption, compared with only 45% of total foods. They are also more likely to consume cabbage than other vegetables.

However, consumption within this key age group is slightly down compared with last year, with only women aged over 65 showing any increase in consumption. Keeping consumption levels stable is strong growth from women aged 17-24 and teens.

Just over half of all cabbage is consumed at the evening meal, which is not unusual for vegetables. However, cabbage is much more likely than other vegetables to be eaten at lunch, which could be due to its links with the Sunday roast.

Almost all cabbage is eaten with potatoes, while just over half is consumed with carrots. The most popular meats eaten alongside cabbage are chicken and beef. Gravy is poured over more than half.

Some 41% is eaten for health reasons, more than total veg. Cabbage is popular early in the week, when health is a key driver. Consumption tails off as the weekend approaches and other, more pleasure-oriented drivers of consumption take over - until Sunday.

Cabbage is mostly prepared by boiling or steaming, which reinforces its healthy image.

Gary Shaw, TNS Worldpanel