- Cheese was consumed on 5.5 billion occasions in the past year, up 2% on the previous year
- 72% of consumption occasions are accounted for by Cheddar

Practicality makes cheese a favourite in the lunchbox

Only 16% of cheese is carried out but it is 160% more likely to be consumed in the lunchbox than total foods.

Cheese consumption has grown by 1% at the carried out occasion, driven by NPD of cheese snacks. Spreads, being practical, are twice as likely than other cheese to go in lunchboxes.

Suppliers can benefit from the trend towards lighter meals, with 47% of cheese eaten as a light meal compared with 40% of total foods.

Some 56% of cheese is consumed with bread, 26% with salad vegetables, 12% with potatoes and 6% with pasta.

Favourite is an important driver, accounting for 36% of occasions, and premium offerings will drive this factor.

Cheese has universal appeal. Males aged 65+ and females aged 35+ are the least likely to eat it. Consumption by children aged 11-16 fell 7% year-on-year.

This could be down to a wider tastes among young consumers, who are more willing to try out different foods in the lunchbox.