• In the last year there were 36.9 million occasions of mackerel consumption. This is 1.2% of the overall chilled and frozen fish market and an increase of 7.6% on last year.

  • Some 60% of mackerel is consumed in the evening, with strong growth here.

  • The evening meal is the fastest-growing meal occasion and has seen growth of 29% over the past year.

Healthy eating is the key driver of consumption
Adults aged 45+ are core mackerel consumers, accounting for over 60% of all mackerel meal occasions.

Females aged 45+ account for over a third of consumption, whilst males aged 45+ are the second-largest group at 26%.

The increase in consumption has been driven by adults aged 35+. Health is one of the key reasons driving their consumption, as the older consumers get, the more concerned they are with eating healthy foods.

The consumer considers mackerel a healthy fish, over-indexing on the health need state when compared to total fish consumption.

Mackerel provides a practical meal solution for an age of convenience. Just over a third of mackerel is eaten cold and when it is prepared, it is more likely to be grilled or toasted. Nearly half of all mackerel forms part of a meal taking less than 20 minutes to prepare.

Most consumption takes place at the main meal occasions, with major growth at teatime (32%) and the evening meal (28.8%).

To increase consumption further, mackerel needs to be associated with other convenient foods such as sandwiches and pasta to inspire the consumer to eat it more frequently.

Richard Orr, TNS
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