% individual meal occasion

In the last year there were 654 million individual orange meal occasions. Consumption has increased by 8.8 % versus last year

Women aged 45-64 account for the largest proportion eaten (20%). Women dominate in terms of consumption accounting for just over 50% of all oranges that are consumed. In total, the 45+ account for 64% of all oranges consumed.

Men aged 17-24 and women aged 25-34 are showing the best levels of growth, 29% and 38% respectively vs the last year

Kids’ orange consumption under-indexes across all ages in comparison to total foods, however there has been rapid growth in the 0-5 year range. The only consumers eating less are children 6-16 and females aged 17-24

The most popular days for consumption are Monday to Thursday, these days account for nearly two-thirds consumed. Consumption then declines towards the weekend and remains constant at 11% on Saturday and Sunday

Consumption levels peak during the day from noon to 2pm, again at 5pm to 7pm and lastly between 9 and 11pm. These key consumption times account for 55% of total consumption

75% of oranges are consumed with a drink, 50% with a hot drink, 36% with bread/rolls, and 33% with hot foods

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