When cold beef is eatennCold beef was eaten on 51 million occasions last year, a decline of 29% on the previous year
n47% of cold beef is eaten at the evening meal
nThe 45+ age group accounts for 70% of cold beef consumed
nA key driver for cold beef consumption is “needed using up” Cold beef scores low in the healthy eating stakes The evening meal is the most important occasion for cold beef consumption. However, consumption at this occasion is in decline by 17% compared with the previous year, and this is having a big effect on overall consumption of cold beef.
Lunch and the lunchbox, the next most frequent occasions, are also in strong decline - by 40% and 44% respectively.
Are consumers switching to alternatives because they perceive them as healthier? Only 4% of cold beef is eaten for health reasons, compared with 19% of total foods.
The 45+ age group - which is most concerned with health issues - has reduced its consumption of cold beef by 24%. However, they are not the only ones who have cut back on cold beef. Most consumers have reduced consumption - except males aged 25-34, who are eating 5% more cold beef. However, they account for just 6% of all cold beef consumed.
But, says MLC consumer affairs director Richard Lowe, TNS Superpanel purchase data shows sliced beef to be the fastest-growing cooked meat over the past three years.
He adds: “Cold beef consumption is driven by two dynamics: the using up of leftover beef joints previously cooked for hot roast meals and the purchase of ready-cooked sliced beef.
“The latter is now taking market share from turkey.”
Laura Wilson, TNS
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