When bananas are eatennLast year, bananas were eaten in the home on 2.5 billion occasions, up 2% on the previous year
nA third of bananas are eaten at breakfast, up from a quarter
nConsumers aged over 45 account for 64% of consumption
n 75% of bananas are eaten during the week, Monday to FridayMost bananas are eaten for breakfast during the weekHealth is an increasingly important driver when consumers choose foods and, as Britain’s favourite fruit, bananas have benefited from this trend to become a key part of our daily diets.
Consumption of bananas continues to increase in the home, up by 2% on last year and by 8% in the past four years. Men and women aged over 45 are the most health-conscious. And they account for 64% of all bananas consumed.
Although bananas - and fruit generally - are less popular among the under-45s, this group is increasing its banana consumption at the fastest rate. Year-on-year growth among the under-45s is 4%, compared with 1% among the over-45s. Children are key to this trend - their consumption is up 25% over the past four years. This suggests younger consumers are becoming more health-conscious and are changing their eating habits to reflect this.
A third of bananas are eaten at breakfast and this is growing. Bananas are perceived as quick and easy to eat and providing the health benefits that consumers want at the start of the day. This means they make an ideal breakfast replacement on hectic weekday mornings.
For similar reasons, bananas are increasingly likely to be consumed as an in-home snack. Consumers are eating bananas as a real alternative to traditional snack foods.
Rory Partis, TNS
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