When lettuce is eatennLettuce was consumed on 1.67 billion occasions during the past year, down by 9%
nAdults aged over 45 are the core consumers of lettuce, accounting for 56% of consumption
nSome 12% of lettuce is consumed in the lunchbox
nHealth is the key driver, accounting for 57% of occasionsLettuce is sagging despite the healthy eating trendConsidering current trends in healthy eating, lettuce producers and retailers should be perfectly placed to take advantage. However, there has been a year-on-year decline in overall consumption occasions.
Nevertheless, consumption at the in-home lunch occasion and in the lunchbox has risen, as a result of the growth in popularity of sandwiches.
The evening meal remains the most important occasion overall closely followed by the in-home lunch occasion. But consumption at the evening meal is in share decline.
Lettuce is consumed consistently throughout the week, although a slight decline from Monday through to Sunday can be seen. This is in tune with the trend observed for foods consumed for the primary reason of health. At the weekend foods that are more indulgent tend to feature more frequently.
Lettuce is most likely to be consumed at the same occasion as bread and rolls (55%), reinforcing the importance of the sandwich occasion. Next most important are potatoes (23%) and salad dressings (23%).
Lettuce’s healthy image is reinforced by its primary consumption group, the over 45s. These consumers are generally more health-aware than consumers of other ages.
Scott Barlow, TNS
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