When canned fruit is eaten

n There were 640 million individual canned fruit meal occasions in the past year
n Canned fruit accounts for 6.6% of total fruit consumption
n 68% of all canned fruit is consumed among adults aged 45+. This is dominated by the top consumer group who are people aged over 65
n Women aged 65+ consume 25% of all canned fruit while men consume 19% of all canned fruit, together making 44% of all canned fruit
n Only 11% of canned fruit is consumed by children. This is low considering children normally consume 16% of total fresh fruit
n There has been a decrease in the consumption of canned fruit since 2001
n Over 40% of canned fruit is consumed between 6pm and 9pm
n Nearly half (47%) of canned fruit consumption is accompanied by a cup of tea while more than a fifth of all canned fruit is consumed with ice cream
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