Britain is a nation of snackers. One in three of us and nearly half of under-25s miss a meal every day and snack instead, according to our research. So what are Brits snacking on? Which brands and retailers are cashing in? And how? The latest in our programme of digital features reveals all… 

Bagged snacks feature 1

Binge Britain: 40% of young eat sharing bags of crisps alone

Three square meals is becoming a thing of the past as an alarming number of Brits put away entire ‘sharing’ bags of crisps to themselves, according to an exclusive poll for The Grocer…

Bagged snacks buyer Q&A: ‘Vagueness’ will lose a pitch

We quiz Musgrave bagged snacks buyer Jessica Morgan on how she goes about keeping 1,200 c-stores’ aisles stocked with the best snacks. Plus: she reveals how (and how not) to pitch…

Healthy, premium snacks punch way above their weight

Forget standard crisps. Healthier and premium brand extensions, such as popped and veggie crisps, are driving bagged snacks growth. So who’s winning?

Crunch time for posh crisps: Lentil Waves wows our digital panel

Video: our digital panel gives its verdict on four of the latest launches in premium snacking, from multi-coloured crisps to pasta snacks…

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The Lineker effect: Walkers tops snacking’s biggest advertisers list

The 10 biggest spenders on advertisers in snacking have shelled out an eye watering £21.7m on ad space alone in the past year. So whose ads were most effective?

Protein brands want to muscle in on mainstream snacking

Protein popcorn, eggy crisps, soya protein isolate snacks… just some of the products of brands who see a future in functional snacking. Can they really crack the mainstream?

Top 10 global launches: French brand launches truffle chips

We’ve been trawling the shelves of supermarkets across the world to find the best launches in bagged snacks of recent months. Here’s our 10 favourite…

Brits are going nuts for nuts!

Sales of nuts have surged 8.5% through the £400m barrier in the past year, as Brits crave greater variety and healthier snacks. Can the growth be sustained?

Popcorn isn’t just for the cinema

Popcorn is currently the fastest growing bagged snacks sector, with sales up 38.1% to £87m in the past year. So can popcorn ever reach the critical mass it’s achieved in the US?

Brands give up Facebook as others give away crisps

Bagged snacks brands are leaving Facebook in their droves, our analysis shows. And those that remain have a less than sophisticated approach on social media…