craft beer aisle

Sir, It was interesting to read ‘How the craft beer boom is shaking up the BWS aisles’ (The Grocer, 29 April, p12) as we have seen the craft movement in general grow rapidly across all sectors, but only recently within beer.

As the local pub becomes even less visible, consumers are looking for great social experiences at home. So, home experimentation is growing, with increasing numbers of consumers using the home as a venue for rituals, occasions and food pairings and mainstream brands want a share of this new market.

These consumers are curious, interested and demanding, so brands have a real opportunity to create meaningful experiences for them at home. But they should also be focused on retail environments that simplify choice and connect brands’ personalities and stories to audiences.

Craft beer is a growing trend, but its appeal doesn’t end with the supermarket aisles.

Mike Kettles, executive creative director, Momentum Worldwide