A tasty way to cool down on a sunny day or to satisfy an after-dinner sweet tooth, ice cream has long been a treat for the everyday consumer. Brands like Magnum and Häagen-Dazs owe their success to this mentality, and have come a long way by packing as much indulgence into their tubs and wrappers as possible. But now that Brits are becoming more sugar-conscious and health trends are permeating into almost every category, ice cream needs to keep up.

The protein-packed WheyHey has already proved it can be done, so what new functions could the category explore next? We put this question to retail design agency Sheridan & Co.

Here’s what they came up with…

Forget knocking back your daily dose of fish oil capsules; now you can boost your brain whilst enjoying a sweet treat. Pop your OMEGA3ICE Brain Boosters once a day and you’ll get all the benefits of a tablet with the bonus of delicious ice cream. Available in Mango & Coconut, Chocolate & Mint and Strawberries & Cream flavours, they’re more exciting than your usual supplements.

“This playful concept flips the idea of ice cream being an unhealthy indulgence, turning it into a positive and essential healthy treat,” says Michael Sheridan, CEO of Sheridan & Co.

The product’s ‘soft pop’ packaging marries bright colours with scattered fish shapes, hinting at something sweet and exciting while keeping those important health benefits in mind. Plus, for those looking to cut down on sugar or dairy, the portioned trays let you satisfy your sweet tooth without being tempted to fill a bowl.  

But despite their format, the capsules don’t feel functional. Consumers won’t be scared off by clinical branding and imposing jargon that is so common in functional foods like Protiflakes, and taste isn’t sacrificed, either. Plus, they’re as easy to drop into your weekly shopping basket as your usual supplements or pack of your favourite lollies.

Now all we need is someone to make it…