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The research revealed strong enthusiasm for Tesco’s new Jack’s format

Shoppers want more discounters to open on high streets and in their neighbourhoods, exclusive research from shopper insights agency Him has found.

Some 33% of more than 1,000 shoppers who responded online said more discounters were “absolutely needed” and 30% said they would be “useful”.

Him said rising inflation, higher interest rates and Brexit uncertainty were catalysts for growth in demand for such outlets.

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Its earlier Discounter Study, released in September, showed the penetration of shoppers visiting Aldi or Lidl at least once within a week had increased 10 percentage points to 59% in two years.

“The discounter channel continues to grow in popularity as shoppers look to mitigate the pressures on disposable income,” said Him research & insights director Val Kirillovs.

The research also revealed strong awareness of and enthusiasm for Tesco’s new Jack’s format, with 61% of shoppers having already heard of Jack’s and 53% saying they will definitely or probably visit.