Wholesaler JW Filshill has developed a new premium format under its KeyStore fascia.

KeyStore More offers retailers a more comprehensive chilled and fresh range and an extensive choice of Scottish brands, improving on its previous convenience format KeyStore.

The wholesaler has already converted 11 stores to KeyStore More, with plans to reach 20 stores by the end of 2018.

South Lanarkshire KeyStore More retailer Wilson Rea said his sales were up almost 10% when compared with the same week in November last year.

As part of the refit, he has installed new signage, LED backlighting, new shelving and a TV promotional screen.

A new food to go counter with Simply Coffee offers a range of breakfast rolls, pies, sausage rolls, soups and hot and cold filled rolls.

“Business is tough and our new proposition elevates our customers’ ability to compete not just with other independents but operators such as Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express,” said Filshill retail sales director Craig Brown.

“KeyStore More is designed to elevate our offer to enable the most progressive retailers to expand their range and provide more of the products and services that our research tells us consumers want.”

He added: “This means an upweighted focus on fresh and chilled products, food to go and access to an excellent range of local and Scottish products - all supported by a bespoke promotional campaign and enhanced by a brand new image that will create consumer interest and add a new dimension to what is already a dynamic retail marketplace.”

He also said that Filshill was utilising data collected from its scanning system to learn more about consumer habits and improve category management and product ranges.