But the busy Bank Holiday Monday and four hours taken up waiting to give evidence in court added to the pressures.
"I spent four hours at the Crown Court on Tuesday as a witness against someone who is charged with an armed robbery in our store in October," says Williams.
The case has been opened and adjourned five times, and now it has been pushed back again, he says.
Armed robberies are rare at his store, says Williams, although theft is a problem.
"We have a Marmite thief at the moment and 11 jars were stolen last week.
"In general, 99% of people are honest, but the other 1% do a lot of damage," he says.
The week began to return to its normal routine from Wednesday, Williams says.
"I get into the store at about 6.50am. The first thing I do is check the Londis Laser reports showing the previous day's trading figures.
"Then I use the system to produce staff rotas and wages.
"I review the stock line by line, starting with newspapers and magazines, go away and do other tasks, then come back and carry on where I left off."
He says the Londis Laser system has made ordering stock a lot easier. "I can remember when the process took three days and I had to post the paperwork. Now it's all done electronically.
"All goods go immediately on shelves. There's no need for a stock room ­ we receive exactly the right amount of stock."
Deliveries arrive on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7am and are dealt with by 10.45am. Throw in the occasional drop shipment and Williams is equipped to start the following week.