Foodservice wholesaler Essex Flour and Grain has survived the Olympic Games, but with “no thanks to LOCOG”, its MD has claimed.

Michael Spinks said his company had ignored LOCOG’s “useless” transport plans and that the drafting in of the Army made the area more secure. Spinks had been concerned that his business, located metres from the Olympic Park, could be cut off and left isolated by security threats.

“The domestic Olympic authorities did not behave in accordance with the core Olympic values of friendship and respect because they were quite prepared to risk a tranche of local small businesses going to the wall, and they also broke clear undertakings. In the following days and months, the damage as well as the rewards will be revealed and quantified,” he said.

A legal challenge to the validity of traffic management orders was withdrawn last month when it became clear the case was unlikely to be heard before the Games opened. The claim was brought by 35 businesses who said a 6am to midnight ban on the use of the A12 would reduce their ability to operate.