Midcounties Co-operative store

Source: Midcounties Co-op

The savings will be in place until the end of the year at least

The Midcounties Co-op is offering members 10% discount on all Fairtrade products across its 230 food stores.

The move represents the first time the society has committed to reducing prices on a long-term basis across the Fairtrade product range, as opposed to limited-time offers.

The savings will be in place until the end of the year at least, and is entirely funded by Midcounties Co-op, meaning the payment that producers receive won’t be affected.

Midcounties said it wanted to make it easier for people to “live ethically”, by encouraging them to purchase more Fairtrade products, which would in turn provide greater benefits to Fairtrade producers.

“At Midcounties we are fully owned by our members, so when they told us they wanted ethical shopping to be more affordable, we listened and took action,” said Midcounties Co-op CEO Phil Ponsonby.

“Our hope is that, in taking this step, particularly at a time when we know that many people are facing increasing financial pressures, we can support our members in making ethical choices every time they shop.

“Together, we can then provide even greater support to growers and producers around the world, helping them to support their families and communities and secure a more sustainable future.”

Midcounties has supported Fairtrade since the foundation was established in 1992.