The Bat and Ball Inn in Churchdown, Gloucester, has become the first pub to open a convenience store on its premises under the Booker Premier brand.
The proprietor Angie Norris, decided to devote part of the pub into a convenience store after the local shop directly opposite closed down.
The new 800 sq ft Premier store, which is sited on what used to be a small function room, is partitioned off from the main building so that smoke and beer do not get into the shop, and shop customers do not disturb drinkers.
Branded Premier: The Local, the Bat and Ball Inn’s shop has its own store front and entrance on to the street, and stocks a full temperature-controlled offer, said Norris.
“We used to have the carvery in here and a few functions, but this is far better use of the space. We already take more in a week than the store across the road did.”
Some cross-fertilisation of customers from the pub into the store and vice versa takes place, she added.
Given that the pub sourced a lot of catering supplies from Booker and Norris wanted a flexible symbol package without too much commitment or a weekly charge, Premier was the natural choice, she said.
Although Booker would not actively be going out to recruit pub landlords, it would be keen to hear from anyone with suitable premises that was interested in branching out into convenience, retailing, said Booker business development controller Simon Codell.
“This was a unique opportunity, but there will be many more.”