Cornish tuna fishermen are in crisis talks with retailers after achieving very low prices for this season's albacore through local markets.

They want a supermarket to rescue the fishery, which was only set up this summer, by agreeing to "fair" prices of £4/kg - 60% more than this year. The line-caught fish fetched less than large mackerel.

"We want to extend the catch next year but we need commitment from buyers," said Nathan de Rosarieux, policy director at Seafood Cornwall. "We'd like to deal with a multiple that has the money and time to promote the product."

Albacore tuna is not commonly eaten in the UK, and has a grey-white flesh rather than the bright red of bluefin. Seafood Cornwall said consumers would have to be educated about albacore, said de Rosarieux. "It's a bit like a giant mackerel and tastes fantastic. And it's landed direct from boats with a low carbon footprint," he said. "Most fresh tuna is air-freighted."