Source: Costcutter

Eligible retailers must spend £7,500 per week with Bestway

Bestway is extending the duration of its fuel levy refund scheme for Costcutter retailers in a bid to support them during the ongoing economic turbulence.

The reimbursement, which is a benefit of Costcutter’s Platinum Club membership, was originally set out to cover June, July and August.

The extension means Costcutter retailers will continue to have their fuel levy, which recently rose to £10.99 from £4.88, refunded into the new year. Bestway told The Grocer it anticipated a review in early 2023.

Eligible retailers must spend £7,500 per week with Bestway.

“The fuel levy refund affects all Costcutter stores,” said a Bestway spokeswoman. “As long as the retailer meets their agreed weekly spend, they still receive their £10.99 fuel levy refund.

“We are pleased to maintain this refund and have done so to help our retailers as we know that every penny counts right now.”

Costcutter retailer Sue Nithyanandan, based in Epsom, said: “Everything helps. It may be a small contribution but it will help towards rising energy bills and staff costs.”

The fuel levy credits are refunded in six-week intervals aligned with the rebate calendar. Payments will be calculated based on the number of deliveries undertaken within the rebate period.

Costcutter’s fuel levy was implemented on 28 March to stores across England, Scotland and Wales. It was introduced because of significant operating cost increases, driver and raw material shortages, and fuel price increases.