Ocean Spray is out to prove that cranberry sauce is for every day, not just for Christmas, with a new recipe it hopes will have year-round appeal.

The brand has teamed up with jam and sauce manufacturer Duerr's to make Just for Chicken - a softer, smoother cranberry sauce developed to complement chicken. It contains a mix of whole, sliced and puréed cranberries for a less tart flavour, which Duerr's said was more suitable for families and children.

According to sales and marketing director Richard Duerr, cranberry is the third most popular dish-specific sauce, but 90% of people only buy it once a year. "Cranberry sauce is inextricably linked with the Christmas season. The good news is that it always happens; the bad news is that it is only once a year."

The company also plans a range of cranberry jams blended with superfruits, such as blueberries and pomegranates, to bring the fruit into the mainstream.