Licensed bread brand Cranks is being expanded with a range of flavoured loaves containing vegetables.

Salisbury-based speciality bakery Nicholas & Harris - part of Finsbury Food Group - will launch three flavoured loaves into selected Waitrose stores from 20 October and plans to expand distribution to other retailers in 2015.

The line-up comprises Carry on Carrot with pumpkin seeds, carrot and coriander; Hippity Homity, based on Cranks restaurant’s Homity pie recipe and including Cheddar, potato, leek, onion and parsley; and Breaditerranean with green peppers, olives, red onion and sun-dried tomatoes. They are expected to sell for about £1.69.

Nicholas & Harris took on the licence for the Cranks brand - owned by licensed foods specialist All About Food - when it acquired the Goswell’s bakery business in 2009. The deal also included licences for Vogel’s, Village Bakery and Dove’s Farm. Current sales of Cranks bread, which includes a wholemeal loaf sold in retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s, are about £1.5m, according to N&H.

The new Cranks loaves - developed in association with celebrity chef Richard Corrigan - follow the rollout of flavoured loaves by Hovis earlier this year.

Breads with added vegetables are a growing market outside the UK, with leading Canadian baker Canada Bread last year launching loaves under its Dempster’s and Pom brands that are fortified with vegetables including carrot and pumpkin.